Flower care - our top tips for happy petals


When your stems arrive, they’ll need a little help settling into their new environment.
Start by cutting 1-2 inches from the bottom of the stems at an angle.
The angle will create a bigger surface area and make it easier for your flowers to get water.


Remove any leaves on the lower parts of the stems,
making sure no leaves will be submerged once placed in water.


Find a vase, that’s a good height for your stems.
We usually find that about 30-40cm in height is good for most, with a wider base and narrow neck.
This is a great tip to help your arrangement look fuller.


Fill the vase half to three quarters full with fresh, clean water.
It’s drinking time for your thirsty flowers!


Just like us, flowers need food too.
Place the flower food into the water on the first and fourth day.


Find a suitable spot to show them off.
Flowers don’t like heat, so keep them out of the sun, and direct sunlight.
Cool rooms without a draft are key to making them last.


Lastly, a little TLC goes a long way!
Change the water regularly and re-cut the stems – you’re a pro!